About Us

Many new diseases have cropped up from growing population and gradual climatic changes. This has created another pressure to our existing staggering health care services. Peoples facing the poor condition of hospitals and heavy crowd pressure to eligible doctors usually ignore the calling of minor health issues which may be fatal some time.
In accident and emergency people find them self in a helpless situation specially nuclear family, elderly and disabled people.
Considering the above facts we thought to develop a dedicated app that can provide access to the doctor, hospital, medicine, police station, ambulance etc. with the features of asking any help from the government, private organization, nearby people, relatives with a tips from the home itself.
People not only can ask help but can also extend help to the needy one with the app.
For these purposes we have developed a dedicated MADAD APP People can consult doctor


Madad App

online, fix appointment with doctor, forward medical report, keeps records of medical history, prescription, test report etc. MADAD APP will not only provide hassle free medical service but also reduce crowd to hospital and doctor’s clinic. People can also save their relative’s/emergency no.
MADAD has formed a network of health service providers some of them are paid but most services of MADAD is free including government and private organization for the benefit of the common poor people who are less informed and little access to the health services. In near future MADAD is willing to work with Ayushman Bharat and government proposed all wellness centre to transform the India’s health care scenario.