What Is The Area of Focus of Madad Idea/Solution?

People become highly distressed when they find themselves or their near and dear ones in trouble such as met with an accident,sudden .. { Read More }

What Big Problem Does It Solve?

Many new diseases have cropped up from growing population and gradual climatic changes. This has created another pressure to our... { Read More }

What Is Unique/Innovative About Madad?

We have mapped all private and government institutions in Madad app to provide best possible services to the clients to choose... { Read More }


Madad App

Welcome to Madad App

Many new diseases have cropped up from growing population and gradual climatic changes. This has created another pressure to our existing staggering health care services. Peoples facing the poor condition of hospitals and heavy crowd pressure to eligible doctors usually ignore the calling of minor health issues which may be fatal some time.
In accident and emergency people find them self in a helpless situation specially nuclear family, elderly and disabled people.
Considering the above facts we thought to develop a dedicated app that can provide access to the doctor, hospital, medicine, police station, ambulance etc. with the features...

Our Approaches

Madad is Waiting for young, energetic and innovative people with dedication to work for needy one.

The Lifecycle of Idea/Solution From Conceptualization To Implementation.

We are now on operational mode and our vision is to expand after its success in Bhagalpur district. Technology driven...

Overall Research Methodology and Data Sources Used For The Solution

We have collected all the data from our own resources and it will increase with the growth of our business, clients...

Strategy to Expand Production/Customer/User Base in The Near Future

Currently we are providing our services only to Bhagalpur districts and its surrounding area for trial period...

Components of Madad

Accident Madad

People have inhand ready nearest Police Station, Hospital and other emergency number to get help or for..

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Hospital Madad

People can take an advice from their nearest Hospital/ PHC/ Doctor and forward advice/prescription to the...

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Alert Madad

To inform,aware and alert people through SMS or notification of all government schemes, policies...

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Police Madad

It provides access to the nearest police station from the place of happening. People can forward...

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Disaster Madad

This can be effective in natural disaster....

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Medicine Plan and Membership

MADAD is an unique platform to provide medicine to the needy one from their nearest medicine shop...

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