Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

MADAD is providing access to health care and emergency services to the people through its dedicated MADAD APP. Madad has created a network of service providers. Most of the services are free and for some services madad is only making service charges from the service provider so Madad is not taking any fee from the client directly.
Only membership plan is paid to Madad directly for home delivery of regular medicine only on doctors prescription.This membership fees is prepaid for some certain period. People can take membership plan according to their requirements and Madad will deliver medicine to the client’s home from the nearest medicine shop.
So Madad is not producing and supplying its own products.

  • For these purposes Madad Medical Services has created a network of service providers.
  • All service providers agree to comply with statutory requirement and follow the law of land and provide all the best facilities/services available to them. Incase the provider doesn’t have such facility at their end or unable to serve then they immediately inform the beneficiaries/clients and Madad Team. Beneficiaries/clients are free to get services from other sources.
  • Madad Medical Services will not interfere in the services,treatment and medical care provided to its beneficiaries/clients.
  • Madad Medical Services will not be in any way held responsible for the outcome or quality of care provided by the provider.