Our Approach

Our Product/Services

Madad is an android application being developed by Madad Medical Services LLP with the purpose to provide medical and security services in times of emergency.For this Madad is being provided the backend support by establishing a network of health service providers.In times of need people can take help for ambulance,home delivery of medicine,pathlogy test,consult doctors and police help through"MADAD APP". Details can be found on www.madadapp.com.Madad is a recognised startup of govt.of Bihar and it is also recognised by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP-19808).The initial seed funding is being offered by the govt. of Bihar

What Is The Area Of Focus Of Madad Idea/Solution?

People become highly distressed when they find themselves or their near and dear ones in trouble such as met with an accident,sudden serious illness or in some inappropriate situation. In such situations people desperately need the earliest and nearest availability of medical or security assistance.
MADAD dedicated app is keeping all sort of emergency solutions at the single platform.

What Big Problem Does It Solve?

Many new diseases have cropped up from growing population and gradual climatic changes. This has created another pressure to our existing staggering health care services. People facing the poor conditions of hospitals and heavy crowd pressure to eligible doctors usually ignore the calling of minor health issues which may be fatal some times. In accident and emergency people find themselves in a helpless situation.Considering the above facts we thought to develop a dedicated app that can provide access to the doctors,hospitals,medicine,police station,ambulance etc with the feature to enable people to ask help or extend help to needy ones from their places itself. Refugee Crisis, On going large scale people movement (e.g. Undeveloped to Developed, Rural to Urban) and management of fast moving diseases (e.g. Ebola, Zika) are straining health and social service systems and driving demand for more health care professionals around the world.

  • Life expectancy is projected to increase by “one year” during 2020 which will increase the aging population over 65 years old by 8%.
  • Health spending in India at 6% of GDP is among highest levels estimated for developing countries.
  • Virtual health care has a strong future in India.
  • Technology which enables patients to manage their own health is the key to improving care promoting efficiency and cutting costs.

What Is Unique/Innovative About Madad ?

We have mapped all private and government institutions in Madad app to provide best possible services to the clients to choose from their choice. Geo tagging of Service providers location can assist people in calculating distance and guide them to reach there, call them or fix appointment online, send or bring test report/prescription online and keep their medical history in the app for future reference.Our medicine membership plan for home delivery of medicine is specially designed for elderly people,chronic patient and even in emergency can get medicine from the nearest medicine shop.
Our one of the best idea is to honour and promote the people/organization who will help accident victims and needy ones through MADAD APP for this we have incorporated many free services and post payment facility to make it more user friendly.By simply sending the message people can get the onsite service of ambulance, police etc. in times of emergency or in natural disaster.

What Is The Market Size/ Target Market Of Idea?

Healthcare sector in India is in grooming stage.We have targeted the urban as well as rural population for providing them best possible healthcare services from their locality as people need services at most urgency from the nearest sources. Elderly people,Disabled Persons and chronic patients consistently need regular care,medicine and checkup.In case of sudden illness and accident people can use Madad app.

Strategy To Expand Production/Customer/User Base In The Near Future.

Currently we are providing our services only to Bhagalpur districts and its surrounding area for trial period. After its successful run we will expand to all districts of Bihar. In the next phase our vision is to provide this service in all India.

What Would Be The Impact Of Idea In The Long Run?

Madad is giving opportunity to people to choose from the various service providers to get the best and cheapest service after comparingdifferent options. In making it more transparent to enable people to decide according to their need around the country,We want that the government should fix the rate of all clinical tests to make people more confident that they can get best clinical tests and treatments any where,thus saving them from being guniea pig.
One of the most important impact of this idea will be that if people start getting health care services like online appointments /consultancy in some cases, get facility of sample collection for pathological tests from their home itself and doorstep delivery of medicines can transform the healthcare scenario of India by making service providers more transparent and responsible and it will be a real decentralisation of healthcare sector

How Has Your Idea Leveraged The Power Of Data To Address The Problem Statement?

Our data is generated from the two way communication of beneficiaries and service providers. Patient’s disease history,pathology test reports or any other test report, prescription of doctors are our main source of data compilation. This data can be used in research, for study on treatment behaviour and mechanism of treatment of doctors hospitals for particular disease/symptoms and its realistic data can be used for planning any governmental humanity policy such as Ayushman Bharat etc. Madad app also contains data of Consumption of medicine and its composition,data of accident and police cases
Madad app has also incorporated the data of doctors/hospitals specialization,their in house facilities, their capabilities and potential to handle the certain type of cases in form of text document and videos.

The Lifecycle Of Idea/Solution From Conceptualization To Implementation.

We are now on operational mode and our vision is to expand after its sucess in Bhagalpur district. Technology driven health care may prove to be a literal life saver geographical regions with widely dispersed rural populations like India. The practice is also gaining attention in developed countries.

How Did Plan To Convert Idea Into A Prototype And What Challenges Did Face Or Anticipate To Face During Prototyping?

We have made Madad app user friendly and offering most of the services free for attracting people/service providers. In initial stages we are concentrating to collect revenue through medicine mebership plan. Madad has presently signed MOU with five service providers for sharing in revenue from the beneficiaries which will be referred through MADAD APP.
Our main challenge is to make doctors/hospitals/police stations etc responsible for Madad beneficiaries. Formation of an efficient and effective Madad service network with the active participation of government agencies/organizations is our main concern.

Overall Research Methodology And Data Sources Used For The Solution

We have collected all the data from our own resources and it will increase with the growth of our business,clients and service providers. All the communication data between the clients,service providers is our another resource of data.

Business Model And Growth Aspects

Technology enables virtual care online, telehealth,telemedicine, mobile health to help bridge the care delivery gap especially in remote areas. Chronic diseases and care for the elderly, On line consultancy with the help of specialist doctors from home. Our idea is implementing technology in daily life to get helped or give help in situation of emergency. We have developed an app named MADAD. This is meant for to get help in emergency.
We will provide All emergency medicine 24X7 by our own delivery boys to the door steps of needy persons only on doctor’s prescription within ½ an hour with coordination/support of nearest medical shops. We will have a monthly membership plan for the same. Special attention will be given to Elderly people, Disabled people and Chronic patients. We have adopted a revenue sharing model with our partnered service providers. Our financial projection is to achieve the break even in three years. As our service area will increase our user base will increase so revenue generation will increase.We are targeting to deliver emergency medicine to 500-1000 peoples doorstep per month in initials stage for only Bhagalpur district and its surroundings.
We are adding renowned medical practitioners of Bhagalpur for online consultancy. This is chargeable 200 Rs/ consultancy + our 10 Rs service charges.Our Product – MADAD APP has group of services as product including range of daily use to any emergency situation. This is a platform where we enable all verticals of society to come and take MADAD.MADAD application also provide business promotion platform for local business in health Sector.